We have strong leaders committed to our mission of helping LGBTQ+ individuals reclaim and develop their faith in community. See below what compels them to serve.

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Leadership Team

Gregory “Ory” Cook

Executive Director, Co-Founder

“I don’t want anyone to feel the pain I felt, believing I had to choose between my faith in Jesus and who he created me to be.”

Scott Fain McDowall

Events Director

“For years, I had no frame of reference for reconciling my faith and my sexuality, and felt I was all alone.  I feel very blessed to have found this community, and I am proud to be a part of creating environments for LGBTQ+ persons of faith to come together, to find acceptance in community, and to grow closer to Christ and to their true selves.”

Maggie Schlosser

Groups Director

"Renovus creates a safe space for LGBTQ+ people and allies to understand their own belovedness in God, and to walk more fully in the unconditional love of God that is for all. I have always had such a deep love for this community and it’s an honor to serve.”


Brian Nietzel

Board President, Co-founder

“The story of my life is becoming whole - undivided, fully alive, restored to my intended true self. That includes my identity as a beloved son of God, a fan & follower of Jesus, a proud gay man, and a passionate coach and supporter of this organization and its members. I love Renovus!”

Debbie Causey

Board Secretary

‍”I have an overwhelming love for the LGBTQ+ community since my son came out in 2014. I want every person to know that they do not have to choose between their faith and their sexuality, and it breaks my heart that so many LGBTQ+ Christians think that they do. I serve to further the cause of knowing the love of God for everyone.”

Greg McDonald

Board Member

"It simply breaks my heart when people are told they can’t be a Christian and LGBTQ. The work that Renovus does of helping LGBTQ individuals reclaim and deepen their faith inspires me to make a difference by serving on the Board.”

Sandi Harman Waldrop

Board Treasurer

Keith Wilson

Board Member

"Just as God is redeeming all things unto himself, I believe as Christians we are called to be vessels of reconciliation unto Christ. And Renovus has the wonderful blessing and awesome calling to be this path of reconciliation for the LGBTQIA community."