You are not alone.

Sure, you may feel that way right now—especially if you haven’t found a community who accepts all of you. But the truth is countless LGBTQ+ Christians are experiencing life, faith and community together. Skeptical? Yep, we used to be too. But community is possible, and happening. Many stories attest. Join us.

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And watch some of our stories below. We hope you will relate.

Daniel Bennett

Daniel was born into a conservative missionary family and often heard anti-gay messaging growing up. Around the age of 13 he realized that he was attracted to men and it terrified him. 

Hiding his sexual attractions for many years, left him isolated and when he was 25 he started to make friends in the LGBTQ community. He had to re-evaluate what the Bible said about being gay and what that looked like for his relationship with God. Watch the rest of his story.

Cortland Russell

Cortland didn’t grow up in a Christian home, and God was never really as part of his life. He came out at 18, his non-christian parents loved and supported him just as he was.

He met a friend who persistently kept inviting him to his bible study and church. One day without his promoting he felt like something was telling me he needed to go. It was a turning point in his life. See more about his faith journey.

Wes Kirkbride

When he first started to come to terms with his sexuality, he immediately knew how important it was to reconcile his new self acceptance with his faith. By participating in weekly small groups and social events he started to realize wholeness in Christ.

He has met countless individuals who have affected me to my core in drastically positive ways. He has experienced what it really means to be apart of a community that supports others during good times and bad, and he has a large group of beautiful souls that regularly pour into him and encourage spiritual growth. Click to see his advice for others.

Research Study

We want your story. We invite you to participate in a new research study that explores faith & family experiences of our community, to help educate allies wanting to make positive change. Watch this video to learn about the study and how you can be a part.

You can access the anonymous research survey here:

LGBTQ+ Faith & Family Survey